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Must I open the window? Be careful what you pretend to be because you are what you pretend to be. It's the best-kept secret in town. We should teach our kids about the dangers of smoking. Hikers need to carry a compass with them to find their way through the woods. I want you to think about what might happen. It includes widely varying organizations, people, and ideas. The car pulled up in front of the bank. That's just standard practise, it's not like they're cutting corners.

I can't do it--not that a stronger person couldn't. I hope someone turned my missing cellphone in to the lost and found. I need a ruler. I heard her sing a song. Antony is a little shocked. There is nothing more important than friendship. Johnny didn't mean what he said. He must be sick; he looks pale.

Hitoshi is playing smart. Wait here a second, OK? Daryl and Carsten didn't know each other at that time. You're really too kind.

I think you'd better come back home. Who should I notify? She took a deep breath and then started to talk about herself. There are many kinds of animals in the zoo. How long have you lived in Boston? He was sure of his work's accomplishment. They've hired some new workers. Anatoly is going to lose.

It's too early to go to the beach. Dan didn't even read the letter to the end. I think we've found the problem. I spent last Sunday reading a novel. She had nothing against alcohol. Marco doesn't have any cash. How did you get tickets for the concert? Doug was helping me. I'd like to have a room with a nice view. Is that the way it happened?

Temperance is the best physic. I looked at the animal and the animal looked at me. My birthday is a month from today. That is to say, April 5th. How was your first day at school? I can run as fast as Bill. Dan bandaged his hand. The singer has a beautiful voice.

I'm not sure how much you'll get paid. The corruption of the best is the worst. Sharon often wears jeans and a leather jacket. We're doing nothing. Len loves country music. I checked my briefcase and umbrella in the cloakroom. Maybe I fell asleep.

I heard that he could even translate from Ancient Hebrew. Are all of them ready? The year starts on the first of January and ends on the thirty-first of December. Will you let me use your telephone, please? I don't play golf. The guilt lies with him. It's time for your shot.

I think you might eventually change your mind. I'm from the same town as her. They're in love. I hear that you can burn CDs with Windows XP; could you tell me a website that explains the procedures involved? We're going to watch the game together in Fay's basement. Whether you accept stories about past-life regression as fact depends very much on your own personal belief system. He is holding his books under his arm. Who's your favorite poet?

If you do not smoke, you can extend your life. Does anyone live here? Read!

What happened or is happening? Seen from the plane, the island looks very beautiful.

We must run. Carol likes seafood. Dan finished dressing his daughter, Linda. Did you feel threatened? When will you give me your answer? Go easy on the pepper. He likes not only baseball but football as well. I called on Judy. Juha said he had a terrible experience in Boston. I'm trying to find him.

Some people say that fish is brain food. It took me more than a week to get over my cold. I don't want you to worry about anything. Pia was lucky to find a job. The heavy rain caused all the trains to stop. Without you, I would've died. Our house has scaffolding around it this week, due to renovations. Must there be a link between diet and health? The carpet was worn out and had to be replaced.

He knows how to play poker. The changes won't be radical. I know what it's like to be poor. She told me what was happening there. Gypsy has never been in love.

Their success has a lot to do with their diligence. The waiter was downstairs. I lied to my girlfriend about my age. What did he really mean by that?

It's too flashy. I like to eat lamb kebabs. I really don't care. "Where did he kiss you?" "On my lips." A key is lying on the writing-table. We were lost. I intend to live forever, or die trying.

I lost my glasses. Unfortunately, the one who ruins everything isn't me, it's you.

Who told you I was sick? Alf has changed more than I thought. Is it done? He took some deep breaths before he dived.

Whether I'm sleeping or awake, this subject is always in my mind. We can't stand by and let this happen. I bought this book in Boston last month. He had gone to the airport to meet Mr West. Hurry up, Masanao. He asked after my wife when I met him today. And the tokens he received as wages could only be spent at that shop. Raanan's car wouldn't start and he had to get a new battery. Why don't you tell me why you're here?